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Sofas & SectionalsSofas & Sectionals

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Sofas & Sectionals

As the name suggests, Sofas and sectionals specialise in the manufacture and retail of luxury furniture.

The logo depicts a sofa divided into four parts to reflect the sectional aspect. The fonts is cursive and flowing, suggestive of furniture contours and the colours used are peaceful and calming.

The back cushion of the sofa, coloured differently to the rest of the sections is suggestive of a figure with arms outstretched in a welcoming pose.

Come in and take a seat!


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Yovino make vintage wines and very nice they are too. The company was seeking an upbeat, captivating and colourful design which also reflected their region.

The mark of the design sees three overlapping wine bottles with a blend of each neighbouring colour in the overlap.

Coupled with the treatment of key line gaps, the bottles help convey a feel of a stained glass window which shines a aura of holiness – a trait of the country where the cellar is situated.

Wicked SmartWicked Smart

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Wicked Smart

A funky pink dog features in the logo of Wicked Smart – a music production company based in Boston.

Specifically, the canine pictured is a Boston Terrier and his existence were formed to reflect this state of origin.

The design of the dog functions on an ironic premise that by use of negative space, attention is drawn to the mouth which can be seen as a muzzle (because the dogs mouth is dangerous) or lack of a mouth.

Blessed with a pink coat, it’s likely this sweet dog doesn’t need restraint!


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Southeastern Music gallery boasts a logo which incorporates the mark (the picture) in the type.

The picture is a Gibson Les Paul which is combined with the text of the logo, using the stem of the ‘h’ as its neck.

Say CheeseSay Cheese

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Say Cheese

Saying ‘Cheese’ brings a smile to our faces when we’re having our photograph taken and so, this logo, belonging to a photography business obviously had to bring a smile to the face too with a 3D speech bubble formed by Swiss cheese – holey as ever, depicting the rigmarole in an ironic manner.

The type chosen reflects the cheesy feel perfectly. Plump, cheerful and boastful, the elements are fused together playfully.


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Safescape sports a guiding light in their logo – a bold lighthouse on the rocks to navigate incoming ships to the shore of homelands.

Developed for a software company the bright orange lighthouse emits security, reliance and stability to reflect those same qualities in the company products and services.

You’re in safe hands!

Anchor MarineAnchor Marine

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Anchor Marine

Anchor Marine is a boat repair company, specialising in outboard and sterndrive repair.

Their logo boasts a range of elements commonly found on ships and in the dock; nameplate, rope and anchor.

Each is tied together eloquently to deliver a pleasing, concise badge style logo which stands prominently as a nautical themed brand.

Ahoy Matey!


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This bold figure was developed for Access Cabling who specialise in the laying and operation of high speed broadband cabling.

The knight depicts strength, reliance and trust with the crosshair and shapes at the abdomen depicting a target or tunnel to reflect the precision and speed of the optic cabling.

Access with power!


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Bendfile is a piece of software used for to make transfer and receipt of files more user friendly by way of compression.

The icon depicts a folded computer file icon to represent the compression aspect, making the file(s) smaller to be handled more easily.

Text is italicised to depict the speed and efficiency of the process.

File transfer made easy.


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Bioregions are responsible for conducting surveys to prepare geological data relating to the environment.

The icon depicts an abstract earth with the green area depicting land – most importantly areas of land which are environmentally friendly and stable.

The mark suggests that by way of the grey ‘void’ areas, that the project will aim and no doubt, succeed in transforming the entire globe into an environmentally friendly entity.